The BEst

outdoor cleaner

After several failed attempts to get my umbrella clean, I picked up this 30 Seconds Cleaner to try before giving up.

It easily attaches to your garden hose and has two settings.  One for cleaning and one for rinsing.  

I gave the patio umbrella  a good soaking with the cleaner for several minutes.

Much to my total shock and amazement, it worked VERY well!  Look at the difference when I was half done.

I didn't even realize HOW dirty the umbrella actually was until I used this cleaner on it.  It came out so clean it looks brand new!

It worked so well, I also cleaned my patio cushions with it.  They came out cleaner than when I wash them in the washing machine!

The bottle says this product can also be used on siding, fences and decks and that it won't harm your landscaping.