Lawn Care for Beginners

Getting a lush lawn is easier than you may think & you only need a few supplies. Start with grass seed and soil food!

After mowing, rake the lawn.  It's also recommended loosen the soil with a cultivator after raking for best results.

Next you'll want to prep your soil with a soil food to raise the PH.  Add it to your spreader to distribute onto the lawn.

Next I applied Green Up lawn food which helps establish a hearty root system for the grass.

Third, fill your spreader with grass seed and distribute that.  Be sure to pick a seed that matches your lawn's sun requirements.

Finally, rake the entire lawn again lightly and water it well!

For weeds in your lawn, you can apply a weed control seed as long as it's SIX weeks after applying your grass seed.

It's that easy to get a lush, green lawn!.