Beginner's Guide to Painting Furniture

Sanding your furniture before painting will help give you a smoother finish.  However, there are many paints that work well even without sanding!  If you skip the sanding, be sure the furniture is clean and grease-free!

Chalk paint is an excellent option if you prefer not to sand.

Choose your tools: Using a paint sprayer will give you a smoother finish with no brush strokes.

Also consider paintbrushes made specifically for furniture painting.  You don't want cheap brushes that will leave bristles behind.

When using a sprayer, start on a low setting and go over the piece with light, straight passes.

Be sure to check your paint color in the room the furniture will live.  Lighting affects color and you don't want to paint it only to find out it looks different (bad) in the room.

When completely dry, add a good quality sealer.  One that is matte and won't yellow over time is preferred.  

Painting furniture is easy with these basics in mind!   Learn how to get a black distressed finished without sanding!