Spring garden prep

Start prepping now for an amazing Spring garden! Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Anemones and Muscari can be started now indoors in pots or planted outside in warmer zones!


To make the pots look more interesting until you get some growth, use branches as a trellis.


Stock up on flower seeds that can be sown indoors.  When the time comes to transplant outdoors you'll have established plants!


Spring bulbs typically need to be planted in the fall but some experts say they can be planted in winter as soon as the ground is workable.


Put bulbs such as hyacinths in bud vases.  Place in a sunny window and they will bloom indoors.


If you're short on space, stack pots on shelves.  Going vertical is a great space saving trick!


If you plant your bulbs late and don't get blooms this year, keep in mind they will likely come up next year and every year after!

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