Hanging Backyard String Lights

The Honeycomb Home

No trees in your yard?  No problem!  Start with a large planter & a string light pole.  Use large rocks on the bottom half of the planter to hold the pole secure.  Fill the rest with dirt for plants.

We used four planters and lined them up on one side of our patio.  Here's how it looked with the bottom half of the poles inserted.

We attached the other end to the house using Christmas light clips.  

In the planter, we added flowers and a climbing vine that will eventually climb the pole.

Here's a better look at the top of the pole.  We kept our lights up all year and they've held up well.

We used five strands to create an arbor of lights over the patio.

The Christmas clips didn't hold up long term so we switched those out for clamps.  These work amazing!

After we lost a few strands due to the Christmas clips, we changed the layout and added an umbrella in the center.

The ambiance the lights add to the yard is beautiful!

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