How to Pick Paint Colors

The Honeycomb Home

like a pro!

Warm Vs. Cool

The first step in deciding your home's color story is determining whether you'll use a warm or cool palette. 


existing elements

Take cues from the existing elements such as a fireplace, flooring, or countertops.  Right away, this will narrow your options down.


Pick a Few Base Colors

By now you probably have an idea of the color scheme you want.  Pick a few base color combinations to examine a little closer before buying paint. 



Be sure the undertones don't clash. One trick to quickly determine the undertones of a particular color is to look at the other colors on the paint card.  You'll see variations of the undertones used!


Color Schemes

1. Complementary:

High contrast, colors opposite each other on the color wheel.

2. Analogous:

More relaxed, colors next to each other on the color wheel.

3. Monochromatic:

One base color used throughout but in varying shades and tints.

No Fail Trick

Another quick trick to picking an entire color scheme is to use something as a guide, such as artwork, wallpaper or a pretty fabric. Just echo the colors throughout! 


Always start with paint samples and live with it for a day or two.  Lighting can affect the way a paint looks in your home.    Don't assume because a color looks good in another home that it'll look the same in yours.

Final Tips: