How To Paint Appliances Stainless Steel

The Before

This kitchen had very dated, off white appliances that the owners were planning to replace in a year or two.  In the meantime, they wanted to give them a facelift so they didn't look so drab.

The Supplies

We purchased a liquid stainless steel fridge kit  as well as the dishwasher and range kit for this project.  You'll also need a drop cloth, paint tray and painter's tape.

The Prep

First, apply your painter's tape around the perimeter or your appliances.  Put down a dropcloth and mix your paint very well.

Since we were painting all the appliances, we started with the dishwasher. Roll on the paint keeping it very thin and immediately follow with the wide foam brush to smooth it out.

The First Coat

Paint Multiple Coats

Let each coat dry fully in between and add the following coats in the same way as the first.  You will see it fill in a little more each time!

The Sealer

The kit also comes with a top coat sealer.  It goes on white but dries totally clear.

The Range

You can even use this paint on the top of the range.  It's designed to stand up to heat.

The Before and After

Isn't that incredible?  It's amazing how well it worked!

Painted Floors

See how we also transformed the outdated floors in this kitchen with paint!

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