Mirrored Closet Door Makeover

The Honeycomb Home

The Before

Mirrored Closet doors are functional but not especially pretty to look at.

The Idea

Rather than replace the doors, the idea was to add a custom overlay.  This was the initial idea for the design.

The Mach Up

The Overlay company designed a custom mach up based on our idea.

The Overlays

The custom overlays are super lightweight and thin.  They work well on sliding doors and don't interfere with their opening.

The Installation

Installing them is as easy as adding glue to the back of the overlay and pressing it onto the doors.

Before and After

Here's how it looks with only one side installed.  Major improvement.

The customized overlays make the closet look like a high-end designer version.

New molding was also added to further customize the doors.

Custom Sliding Doors

This process also works on sliding glass doors and is a great way to add a little character to them!