Decorating with

vintage Home Decor

Bringing vintage home decor pieces into your home is a great way to add instant character and warmth to an otherwise dull space!

For this dresser vignette, everything used here is vintage.  Stacked books, an antique lamp and interesting accessories create a one of a kind space.  The green plant  is another nice addition that adds life.

Antique and vintage doesn't have to mean all dark wood pieces.  Feel free to paint older pieces if it better suits your style and home.  Here, white painted night tables let the antique four poster bed shine.

Don't underestimate the power of small pieces.  In this kitchen, you'll find antique copper pans hanging, old artwork on the counter and vintage baskets for storage.  This helps add  personality to a utilitarian room!

Look for pieces with patina.  These copper pots have aged over time making them look more brown than copper.  This really adds to the warmth and texture.

In smaller spaces look for pieces that are multifunctional.  This vintage desk doubles as an entry table, while the old champagne bucket doubles as a vase.

Using collections of things really helps make a space feel cohesive.  Here, antique books were stacked under the console table and a few pieces of art were also mixed in for some unexpected interest!

Visit the link below for more vintage home decor ideas!