How to Make Curtains without sewing

Finding curtains in a pattern with colors you love can be difficult.  For that reason, I decided to make my own (even thought I don't sew) and it opened up so many more fabric options!

The Tools

What You'll Need: Fabric of Choice Heat N Bond Curtain Ring Clips Scissors Iron

First, I hung the curtains and marked two inches below where I wanted the curtains to end.  I then cut the curtains at that length.

Next, I removed the curtains and marked where I wanted the top hem.  I cut off the corner piece so there won't be overlap when I hem the sides.

To hem the top & sides, I folded the fabric over one inch.  I placed my Heat n Bond inside the crease.  Next I took my iron and ran it over the Heat n Bond.

After it cools, peel off the paper backing.  Fold the fabric over the adhesive and iron it again.  This will bond the fabric and create your hem without sewing!

After the top and sides were hemmed, I hung them again to double check my length mark.  Then I removed them and hemmed the bottom.  Using the curtain clips helps because you don't need to worry about a rod pocket.

It's that easy to make your own custom curtains without sewing!  You can see all the details via the link below!