Small entryway ideas

If you have a small entryway, or none at all, check out these ideas to maximize style and storage!

Use wall space to create a landing area.  We placed a vintage table inside our front door that has storage space inside for small items.

Next we tucked a larger decorative storage basket underneath.  This basket is especially useful for our shoes!

To add interest, we used a vintage champagne bucket that we fill with seasonal flowers.  Adding greenery helps bring the area to life.

No coat closet?  Just hang a decorative peg hook for jackets.  We also hung a small vintage basket for small items like sunglasses so they're easy to grab on the way out!

A mirror helps to bounce light, make the space feel larger and is useful for one last check before heading out the door!

With a little creativity you can create a functional entryway in even the tiniest of spaces!