diy no-sew

cafe curtains

While searching for the perfect pinch pleated, linen cafe curtain, I quickly realized buying them would be very expensive.

So I figured out a way to make them myself without sewing a stitch.  First I bought an inexpensive pair of linen pinch pleated drapes.

I hung them on the window and marked the bottom of the drapes with a paperclip where I wanted them to end.  Next, I used safety pins to mark them all the way across the bottom.

I cut off the excess drapes several inches below where I wanted them to end.  I saved that fabric for another project and took the drapes down to hem.

On the back side of the curtain, I used a pencil to mark where I wanted them to end as well as an extra 2" for the hem.

To hem without sewing, I used Ultra Strength HeatnBond and ironed it into the crease to create the hem.

I hung the new cafe curtains using a simple tension rod and curtain ring clips.  They are easily adjustable should any mistakes be made - you really can't go wrong!

To purchase this style curtain would have cost me about $250.  I made these myself for under $50!