How to make a

cookie monster cake

Making a character cake is easier than you might think!  For the Cookie Monster, we first colored buttercream icing with blue food coloring.

Next, we made a box mix cake and spread blue icing all around.  For the mouth of the Cookie Monster, we used black icing and made it nice and large, not quite halfway up the cake.

Then we piped blue icing using a star tip everywhere but over the mouth.  This is to give the illusion of fur.

If  your icing gets too soft during piping, place it in the fridge for 15 minutes to help it firm up.

We used melting chocolate to make eyes but an easier way would be to use two open faced Oreo cookies and two mini Oreos for the pupils!

Lastly, place a full size cookie in the "mouth". This is an easy cake to make even though it looks intricate!