How To Clean Vintage Copper

I found this kettle at an estate sale and at first glance thought it was brass.  A closer looked revealed it was actually copper that had gotten very dirty over time!

After some research I decided to try a homemade copper cleaner solution using things I already had around the house.

First, pour equal parts vinegar and salt into a bowl and then add spoonfuls of flour to thicken it.

Add enough flour until you get the consistency of a thick paste.

Next, begin wiping the solution onto the copper. I was shocked to immediately see the copper begin  shining through.

The solution begins eradicating the dirt before you even start scrubbing, as you can see on the left side here.

When your copper is cleaned up, simply rinse it well with water.

The best part about this homemade solution it that it won't ruin any natural patina on the copper!