How To Upgrade

bifold doors

We’ve had these ugly bifold doors in our kitchen for years but were never able to change them because the closet has to be vented.

Last year I finally found an idea to upgrade them that would work.  Old pantry doors used to have designs cut into them for venting baked goods.   Inspo pic: Frances Loom

I found a nice set of shaker style bifold doors at the home improvement store.  These had the look I wanted so I decided I could make the designs myself.

I made a template out of cardboard with my own design that would better fit onto these bifold doors.  I used circles because they'd be the easiest to drill.

I used a round hole saw drill bit and drilled the decorative holes into the doors.  These particular doors are hollow core so they were easy to drill through.

After I got one done, I couldn't wait to hang it up to see how it looked.  It's unbeliveable what a difference this made!

For closets that have to be ventilated for appliances, I have never seen another option for doors other than the shuttered type.  Which is why I had to get creative!

I'm so happy with how these turned out and it was easier than I expected. You can see all the details via the link below!