pros and cons

buying antique

Buying antique furniture

PROS: Well made & can be more affordable than new! CONS: Check for defects, can have musty odor.

antique mirrors

PROS: Easy to find unique and interesting frames! CONS: Check the mirror panes for stability, they can come loose in old frames.

antique baskets

PROS: Easy to find, affordable & versatile to decorate with. CONS: Can become unraveled or sit unlevel.

antique glassware

PROS: Many unique shapes and colors in vintage glassware. CONS: Look for any signs of cracks.

antique art

PROS: Vintage art adds instant character to your home! CONS: Be sure backing is in tact and hangers are secure.

antique lamps

PROS: Gorgeous lamps (including brass) can be found for a steal. CONS: Be extra careful with electrical purchases, can be dangerous if not in perfect shape.

Where to find antiques

There are lots of places to find great antiques at affordable prices if you know where to look.  Visit the link below to see our list of favorite vintage resources!