7 Home decor trends to try


Painted Trim

Image: carpendaughter

Trim painted in contrast to your walls really highlights beautiful moldings and wainscoting.


Open Shelving

Image: sara bartholomew

Open shelving is everywhere right now. It's a great way to display your prettiest items while keeping them within arms reach!


Green Paint

Image: i spy diy

Green paint has been trending since earlier this year.  We love it on wainscoting paired with wallpaper!


No Upper Cabinets

Image: tidbits

More and more designers are forgoing upper kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving.


Peg Racks

Image: mothermeg

Peg racks are a fun way to display items but are also useful for open storage.


Gallery Walls

Image: kabinett and kramer

Gallery walls have been trending for a long time now and they aren't going anywhere!  Display all your favorites in one big grouping.


Vintage Everything

Image: maplehouse co.

Vintage decor is having  a big moment right now but for those of us who love antiques this is nothing new!