removing water stains from upholstery

Using light-colored upholstery in your home can come with a little extra work to keep it clean.

While trying to clean a stain off my ottoman, I actually made it worse by using tap water.  Because of minerals in tap water, I was left with a bigger stain!

To remove water stains: first, blot the area with white vinegar.  Wait 10 minutes and then blot with distilled water.  Let dry.

Here you can see the stain is better but not totally gone.  So I repeated the entire process again.

After 3 rounds with the vinegar and distilled water you are no longer able to see the water stain!

I no longer have that ottoman (due to cat claws) but I do have a white sofa I use this same method on.  White is easier than off white because bleaching is also an option!

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