find your style

Even with mixing and matching furniture, a good place to start is to determine your personal style.  Taking a design quiz is a great way to figure that out.

create a focal point

The natural focal point in a bedroom is the bed itself.  Start with a bed frame you love and make it a statement piece!

minimalist headboards

If you prefer a more minimalist, relaxed look consider a classic style headboard like this one with caning. Then layer other pieces around it.

mixing wood tones

Don't be afraid to mix wood tones! Doing so creates a collected look that is far more interesting than more of the same!

make it functional

With the increasing need of home office space, remember to make your room functional.  A desk can do double duty as a night table.

consider the color palette

When creating  a collected look, keep in mind the color scheme.  Color can make a collected room look cohesive.  An area rug is a great place to start for color inspiration.

bring in vintage

Adding a piece of vintage furniture to the room will give it more warmth and character.  You can usually find old dressers for less than the cost of new with far more charm!

keep the balance

It's great to use furniture from different eras but be sure to consider their visual weight.  This creates balance and consistency!