around trees

The Before

The tree in our front yard had grown so much over the years that the tree's roots knocked out our original landscaping and our plants were no longer growing here.


After removing the existing rock, I edged around the tree the easy way, using a shovel.  Then I removed the existing plants.

The Plants

Next I added topsoil and picked up plants that are shade-tolerant.  Here I'm using hostas and coral bells, in an alternating pattern for color.

Weed Cover

After putting the plants in the ground, I placed landscaping fabric around the base of the tree to help prevent weeds from growing.  Then I filled in it with more topsoil.

Focal Point

To create a focal point, I placed a planter on it's side and filled it in with rocks.  It gives the look of rocks spilling out onto the ground.

The Border

For the border, I laid rocks around the perimeter of the tree.  When the plants grow in, it will look as if they're nestled into the rocks.

The Details

Lastly, I added a cute dragonfly made from extra rocks. For all the details, click the link below!