How To Gold Leaf Ornaments

By: The Honeycomb Home

If you have old, outdated ornaments here is an idea to give them a brand new look!  This is what we started with.

Remove the ornament tops first.  Next coat them with spray paint.  We used white.  

Next you will need gilding (glue for gold leafing), a paint brush and gold leaf material.

Apply the gilding with the paintbrush to the areas you want the gold leafing to adhere.  We coated only half of these ornaments.  Let dry 4-5 minutes.

Next simply press the gold leaf onto the ornament using the included wax paper.  

Buff the gold leafing with a clean, dry brush to remove excess leafing and create a smooth finish.

We liked how the partial coverage looked so we stopped at this point.  You can add as much or as little as you like.

Optional final step: gold leaf the ornament topper!

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