How to fix flat couch cushions

If you have flat, saggy, or misshapen couch cushions you have to see this!  Don't toss that old couch just yet..

After doing some research, we decided to try adding foam to our lumpy cushions. Average foam density size is 1.8 but we used 1.5 to better fit the thickness or our sofa.

Unroll your foam and cut a piece off so that it's easier to work with.

Remove the cover from your couch cushions.  You can see here just how wrinkled and crushed ours was.

We found the best way to fix ours was to cut the foam in strips about the size of the perimeter of the cushion.  We inserted those around the edges keeping the original cushion in the center.  Notice the indent above in our cushion...

Adding the foam piece along that edge completely filled it in.

We continued on doing the same for the perimeter of all the cushions.  The foam is sturdy and will not get flat or saggy as quickly as the original stuffing.

Here's a side by side before and after.  The foam made a tremendous difference!

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