Porch Decorating  Ideas

As far as seasonal decorating goes, Fall is one of my favorites.  Fall decorations can last from early September all the way through Thanksgiving!

Plant seasonal flowers such as pansies in a pot and use a garden obselisk with mini pumpkins for a fun display!

Pumpkin Topiary

I keep a large basket on my porch for seasonal displays.  For Fall, I filled it with Sunflowers, pumpkins, and Sedum.

Fill A Basket

Vintage containers filled with flowers create a beautiful contrast.  Use an old crock, a bucket or an aged pot.

Vintage Containers

I don't go crazy with Halloween decor so that my decorations will last throughout November, but this wicker broom is a nod to Halloween as well.

Dash Of Halloween

Using natural elements like gourds and squash are a great way to keep costs down while still creating a beautiful display.

Natural Elements

With out small porch, I like to keep it minimal while still creating a colorful display! These ideas work for small entryways as well.