Diy succulent  Planter

If you're looking for a beautiful planter that requires little maintenance, this one is for you!  Start with three pots in graduated sizes that have a center drainage hole.

Fill the largest with potting soil and stack the medium pot on top.  Add a wooden dowel or stake through the drainage holes to the bottom pot.

Fill center pot with soil and stack the third on top.  Cut the dowel down so it's lower than the rim of the top pot.  Fill that one with dirt as well.

Begin filling each tier of your planter with succulents.  The bigger the size difference in the pots, the more space you'll have for the plants.

We varied the sizes and colors of our succulents for added interest.  You could use a monochromatic mix if you prefer.

Include some succulents that will drape over the sides, like these String Of Pearls.

Here's our finished planter.  You only need to water these occasionally.  Succulents are like cactus, they prefer dry conditions.

Visit our website for more details, including where to get a large amount of succulents for the best price!