DIY Gingerbread Swag

Prepare Dough

To make this swag, we first made gingerbread ornaments.  We prepared the dough with an easy NON EDIBLE recipe.


After rolling out your dough, cut out shapes using cookie cutters.  Using a metal straw, make a hole in the top center.

Outline Shapes

We used white puffy paint to outline our ornaments to give them a realistic icing look.

Stagger Ornaments

Cut bakers twine in different lengths and knot together at the top. Making them different lengths will help your ornaments be staggered rather than stacked.

Tie Ornaments

Tie a decorated "cookie" to the bottom of each strand.

Making The Swag

To make this a swag, simple tie it onto a bundle of fresh greenery.  We secured it with metal floral wire.

That's it!  You can save and reuse the gingerbread "cookies" each year.  They are great for ornaments as well!