Holiday Decorating Ideas

For Small Spaces

Getting Started

The trick to holiday decorating in small spaces is to maximize the space you have without cluttering it.

Small Foyer

In our small foyer, we used vertical space.  A decoration hung on the mirror, greenery in the umbrella stand and a simple deer statue on the table.

Double Duty

After wrapping your gifts, put them out.  Presents can double as decor until the big day arrives!


Small accents

Use, small but thoughtful accents around the room.  We like grouping small decor.  If you use too many it will quickly become cluttered.

big branches

Or go large with seasonal branches in a pretty vase.  We cut one single pine branch off a tree for this display.


mini christmas tree

If you're living room is too small for a big tree, don't be afraid to try a mini tree.  Tabletop trees can be just as beautiful!


Lastly, candles take up little space but fill the room with a candlelit glow.  These are a no-brainer for decor and ambiance!