Diy gourd birdhouses

Dig out all those dried gourds you put away last fall (or buy some online) because it's time to repurpose them into birdhouses for your Spring gardens!

Getting Started

Drill a large hole in the front of your gourd with a round drill bit and shake out any dried bits from inside the gourd.  Wear safety gear when cleaning gourds.


Next,  you'll need to soak them in water with a bit of bleach mixed in. Soak for 30 minutes and then scrub lightly with steel wool to remove any skin.

Let dry in a warm spot for about a day.  The gourd will lighten up considerably when dry.  Then gently sand it with a sanding sponge to remove any black spots.

You can leave them natural or get creative and paint them.  For this one, we used a bright green paint that will blend in when hung in a tree.

Additionally, you can take it a step further and use stencils or transfers to add a floral motif onto the gourd.

Lastly, seal the gourd with a good weatherproof spray sealant to keep them from rotting when left outside in the elements.

These are fun and easy to make and a great way to pass a dreary winter afternoon!  See all the details via the link below!