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Antique Gold

How To Paint A Mirror Frame

This mirror frame was pretty with its ornate details but the color was a little drab for this room.  We wanted the antique look, only lightened up.

The frame is plastic, so we chose a paint with good coverage in a pretty off white color.

After the frame was painted white, we went to our rub 'n buff stash to give it a vintage look.

Using our antique gold shade, we began applying it with a small brush into the crevices and some of the raised areas.

You can also use your finger to rub it on, which we did along the edges.  We found the small brush gave us better control in the other areas.

We applied a little at a time , stopping once there was just enough to give it a vintage look.

The updated mirror looks much better with the colors in this room.

Check out how to completely transform old artwork with paint!  You will look at flea market art in a whole new way!

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