How TO Make


DIY Ruffled Bowl

If you want to try making your own pottery, using a kit from Sculpd is a great way to start!

To make a ruffled bowl, begin by rolling out the clay into a large round disk.  Use a rolling pin to get it level.

Next set a round object on the clay and trace out the circle using the included wooden tool.  Then simply remove the excess clay.

Stack a cereal bowl upside down over a mug or glass and place your clay disk centered on top to form a bowl shape.

To make your bowl ruffled, pinch around the edges to create the ruffled look.  Try to make it even all around.

Using the wet sponge, smooth out any imperfections in the clay.  Now let it set this way, it will take about 24-48 hrs to fully set.

Once it's set, you can use a sanding sponge to further smooth any imperfections.  

Finally paint it, if desired.  We used a orange color matte paint to resemble terracotta.  (A shiny white would look great too)!