Diy pumpkin Patch Sign

For our pumpkin patch sign, we used a small chalkboard as our base.

You can hand letter your sign, or print out a phrase to trace as we did.

Color the entire back of your template with chalk. This will act as a transfer.

Secure your transfer to your board and trace over the letters firmly with a pencil.

Remove the transfer to reveal your outline!

Now use a chalk marker to fill in your outline.

Open up your mini grapevine wreath and reshape it until it resembles a pumpkin shape.

Attach the pumpkin to your chalkboard using hot glue.

We used scrapbook paper for the leaves and a stick for the stem.  Attach those with hot glue.

Embellish it with a raffia ribbon if desired and glue a ribbon to the back for hanging.

It also looks cute sitting on a shelf or counter!

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