Diy caned sideboard

the honeycomb home

This old sideboard was found for only $50 at an antique store.  Though pretty as is, the wood tone wasn't working in this room.

First, it was painted a pretty warm white color. No need for a primer with this durable paint.

Next, we removed the doors. To add caning to the doors, we first made a simple template out of paper.

We used the template to cut the caning.  Line it up so the cuts are just outside the double lines for durability.

To attach it to the sideboard, we sprayed the back of the caning with a clear acrylic sealer.  Make sure it's a matte sealer, not a gloss.

Once the caning is applied, lay the door flat with heavy books stacked on top to ensure a smooth, flat adhesion.

To give it a finished look, and cover any uneven cuts along the edges we used very inexpensive spline.  We first painted this the same color as the sideboard.

You may want to place the spline under heavy books to flatten it out first and make it easier to work with.  Then simply attach it around the edge of the caning using hot glue!

A completely new look that better complements the overall room!

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