10 Creative Gift Ideas from Etsy

mens wooden watch

This is something of a classic - great with almost any outfit, dressy or casual.

Leather messenger bag

This bag is suitable for him or her in the most perfect faded leather.

children's play kitchen

This play kitchen is super stylish in a modern color combo!

layered gold necklace

A layered necklace in 14K hammered gold is sure to be loved by the recipient.

espresso set

The beautiful craftsmanship on this set is something to be admired.

Recipe cutting board

Create a family heirloom with a treasured family recipe!

painy by numbers

Nostalgic for those who remember these - fun for everyone!

gourmet salts

Gourmet salts from around the world for the cook!

handmade Scarf

Give the gift of warmth with a scarf in a beautiful color scheme that goes with everything.

wine and cheese set

This is a no-fail gift idea for the wine lover!

10 Homemade Gift Ideas

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