Christmas showhouse

the honeycomb home

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exterior lighting

For the exterior of this house, we went with a classic style.  All white lights framing the home, lighted wreaths on all windows, and garland lining the porch and upper balcony.

Landscape lighting

The potting shed was outlined with lights to match the house and candles were placed in the little windows.

Backyard lighting

The outdoor fireplace and trees were also turned into a winter wonderland with more white lights.

interior decor

The theme for this showhouse was Scandinavian.  For the interior, we used lots of greenery and wood tones.

the details

Small details included black ribbons tied onto beautiful knit stockings hanging on the fireplace.

the color palette

In keeping with the Scandinavian theme, the color palette was restrained to mostly white, green and natural wood tones.

simple accents

Simple accents such as gingerbread houses placed in large glass jars were sprinkled throughout the interior.

Less is more

Scandinavian decor is minimalist in style.  We stayed true to the theme with the decor but made it stand out with tons of white lights.

white lights

Even in the daytime, this home stands out with its abundance of white Christmas lights!.

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