1. Baskets

Baskets come in every size and shape imaginable and there are endless ways to use them in your decor! Try filling one with gorgeous flowers for a show-stopping display!

Or hang a collection of baskets together for a classic gallery wall! More ideas:  Use a shallow basket for a serving tray or a lidded basket for storage.

2. Glass Vases

Glass vases will let your floral displays shine without competition from more ornate vases or vessels.

Or use a glass cylinder vase to display a single bulb or interesting greenery. More ideas:  Store candlesticks or ribbon and twine in a glass vase for a multifunctional storage display!

3. White Pitchers

White pitchers are a beautiful sculptural accessory all on their own.  Fill them with seasonal foliage for a dramatic display.

White pitchers also make the prettiest utensil holders. More ideas:  Fill a pitcher with a collection of vintage rolling pins for a beautiful display.

Stools are a versatile accessory considering they can be decorative as well as functional.  Stack a few books and a pretty vase on top with a trio of mirrors above for interest.

4.  Stools

Use a shorter stool as a plant stand indoors or out.