the 10 Best Shade  Garden Plants

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Hostas come in a variety of colors and will thrive in your shady areas  They're easy to maintain and hard to kill!  Plant several varieties for interest!


Heuchera is a beautiful ornamental plant and will give your shade garden some much-needed color.


Impatiens are one type of flower that will thrive in the shade.  With plenty of colors to choose from, these will not disappoint.


Coleus is another shade favorite for their variegated foliage that ranges from red to green to purple.  They are a very low-maintenance plant.

Japenese Maple

Dwarf Japenese Maple's are a compact size that are beautiful in smaller garden areas.  


As their name implies, hydrangeas need a good amount of water to thrive.   Planting them in the shade helps them to stay hydrated.


Another pretty flower to brighten your shade garden is Astilbe.  The pretty feather-like blooms will also add texture.


Lillies are a beautiful and fragrant shade garden flower.  One thing to note, these are toxic to cats and dogs so keep them away from your pets.