7 Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Layer Candles

Nothing beats candles for ambiance.  Layer them in to your table setting in different heights and shapes for added interest.


Colors of Nature

Let nature dictate your table's color scheme for a subtle and elegant table setting.


Gold Utensils

Want to add instant elegance?  Swap out your silverware for gold utensils!


Tall Centerpiece

Make a statement with a tall centerpiece!  It can be as simple as branches from you yard.  Bonus: the vase doesn't take up too much table space.


Patterned Tablecloth

You can pack a big decorating punch with little more than a pretty patterened tablecloth!


Fresh Flowers

Simple grocery store flowers can go a long way!  Break them up into small bud vases for a unique display.


Use Natural Elements

Natural elements are beautiful & cost-effective.  Use anything from pumpkins & leaves to oranges and pomegranates!


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