How To Whitewash Hardwood Floors

The Honeycomb Home


Begin by cleaning the floors to remove and dust and debris.

Prep the Floor


Next, rent a sander from the Home Depot.  We used a square buff sander for this project.  The buff sander is easier to use than a drum sander and gets closer to the edges.

Rent A Sander


Start in one corner of the room and work your way out.  The floor sander will do the work for you. Just be careful not to go over any one spot too often to assure an even finish.

Sand the Floors


Next, go around the perimeter of the room with a palm sander to reach the edges the buff sander missed.  

Sand Along The Walls

Mix 1 part white porch and floor paint with 3 parts water.  Apply it to the floors using the dry brush method.

How to Whitewash



When the floors are fully dry, seal them with a clear matte polyurethane sealer.  You want to be sure to use one that's water based as they are less likely to yellow over time.

Sealing Painted Floors


Use a tool like this Smart Roller to quickly and easily apply the polyurethane. 

Roll The Sealer


Follow the manufacturer's directions for drying time before returning furniture or walking on your beautiful new floors!

Let Dry Fully


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