How to start a lavender topiary

The Honeycomb Home

Lavender is a good plant to practice topiary making.  It's easy to grow and comes back every year.  We started with a medium sized plant.

Begin by trimming the outer portions of the plant from the bottom.  You can use the trimmings for something else (like soap making).

Narrow it down to a few shoots and pick one that is as straight as possible and close to the center.  Trim down the rest so there's only one left.

Pinch off any sprouts from below the upper area where you want the topiary to be.

Stake your topiary with a stick and tie it with strips of pantyhose.  You want something that stretches so it doesn't cut into the plant as it grows.

As the plant grows, continue pinching off any growth below your topiary.  That will send the energy to the top.

When the top begins to fill in shape it into a round ball.


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