Make Your Own Floating candles

how to

Candle making is easy when you start with a melt and pour candle wax.  Measure out 1-2 cups of the wax to begin.

Using an old saucepan, melt the wax while stirring often.  For scent, add essential oil during this step.  

For these, we used citronella oil to keep mosquitos away as well as lemongrass for a pretty scent.

When the wax is melted, dip the bottom of your wick into the pot.

Place and hold the wick into the bottom of your round candle molds until it sets enough to stay in place.

When placing the top on the mold, pull the candle wicks through the holes. Using a small funnel, pour your melted wax into the opening.

Wait for the wax to set.

When fully set, trim your wicks and pop your candles out of the molds!