How to Decorate Your House for Free!

The Honeycomb Home

Rearrange Furniture

Think outside of one room and look around the whole house.  You may be surprised at how good a nightstand will look as a side table in the living room or vice versa!  This goes for art & accessories too!

Anything you can put in a frame can be wall art.  Use a pretty fabric, book pages, or even old burlap sacks!

Make Your Own Wall Art

Look to Nature

Cut fresh flowers from the yard, bring a piece of driftwood home from the beach, even branches in a vase makes pretty home decor.  Natural elements are not only free, but they're better than anything store-bought!

Use Everyday Items as Decor

Not only is using everyday items as decor budget-friendly, it's also a space saver.  Hang cutting boards on the wall, display toiletries in glass jars, use pitchers at utensil holders.  You get the idea!

Get Creative With Books

Use old books in new ways!  Stack them tall for an end table, frame pages for wall art, or even make a wreath from one!  

Keep an Eye Curbside!

You might not believe what some people will throw out!  Find out when bulk night is in your area and take a ride.  You might just score big - like these vintage steamer trunks we found out for garbage!


Sometimes when you're on a budget it sparks the best creative ideas!  Think about how you can upcycle and repurpose old items into something new.  This planter box was made from an old weathered picnic table!


Don't underestimate the power of decluttering.  Less really is more.  You might be surprised at what leaving a little open space can do for a room.

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