7 Home decorating ideas

In under 15 minutes

Restyle The Mantel

The mantel is the focal point of the room so redecorating it has a big impact.  The same concept goes for shelves and counters!

Hang New Art

Walls take up a lot of visual space in a room so fill them with beautiful things!

Add Fresh Flowers

Nothing adds life and beauty to a room like fresh flowers!

Change Bedding

New bedding in a room can add color, pattern, and texture in the simplest of ways!

Style Coffee Table

You probably spend the most time in the living room so making your tables pretty will be much enjoyed!

Create A Vignette

Anywhere you have surface space can be a vignette.  Gather things from around the house and put them together for an interesting grouping.


Sometimes all you really need is a good decluttering session for a clear and uncluttered mind!