What Is Origami?

Origami is simply paper crafts!  For these easy paper pumpkins, you'll need paper, glue and a pumpkin template.

Pumpkin Template

To make a grouping of pumpkins in graduated sizes, you will need several templates in different sizes.  You can print these free via the link below.

Trace & Fold

Fold you paper in half two times and trace your template on the folded edge!  Only trace half the pumpkin because when it's cut it will open to a full pumpkin!

Cut Out

Cut out the paper where you traced  and unfold to full pumpkins.

Layer Your Cutouts

Place one cutout face down.  Take a second and add glue to only half of it, then begin stacking and gluing the pumpkin layers together.

Stack Until Full

Continue layering until you have a full pumpkin, at least 10 cutouts for a full look.  Then stand it up and gently open the layers to shape a pumpkin.

Add Stems

For the stems, I used thin branches from my yard.  I added glue to the bottom and slid it into the center of the pumpkins.  Make them different heights for interest.

Use paper in different prints for a varied look.  You can see the full how-to on this craft via the link below!