Easy Candle Making for beginners

Supplies Needed:

Natural Soy Wax Candle Wicks Measuring Cup Old Sauce Pan Essential Oil for Scent Jar or Vessel

Melt The Wax

Melt wax in an old saucepan. Two and a half cups of wax flakes will melt into 1 cup of liquid wax.  While melting, add your fragrance oil.  

Prepare The Wick

Dip the bottom of the wick into your melted wax.

Secure Wick

Place the wick into the center of your jar or vessel.  Use a wick holder to secure it in place.

Pour Your Candle

Pour the melted wax carefully into your vessel.

Let Firm

Let the candle sit until it turns fully white and firm.

Idea Starters:

*Use colored glasses or vintage servewear for a unique vessel. *Experiment with different fragrances for a custom scent. *Use citronella scent to keep bugs away.


Decorate your jar with a sprig of greenery or some colored string tied in a bow..

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