DIY Patio Fountain

See how easy it is to make this backyard fountain using terra cotta pots!

Gather Supplies:

Pots in Graduated Sizes Fountain Pump Rubber Tubing Waterproof Silicone

Prepare Pots

Notch one small hole in the rim of pots with a file to allow the tubing to pass through..  Then notch a hole in center of saucers if there isn't one.

Seal Pots

Next, spray pots & saucers inside and out with a waterproof sealant.

Placing the Pump

Place the pump in the bottom of your largest pot letting the wire drape over the back (where you notched it).

Stacking the Pots

Next, take your small pot with the notch and place it upside down over the pump. The notch will fit right over your small outlet wire. Run the rubber tubing up through the drainage hole of the planter.

Add Saucer for Base of Next Pot

Next stack a small saucer on top of the first pot and run the tubing through that.

Add Silicone Sealer

As you run your tubing through each of these holes, you will need to add a waterproof silicone sealer to close any gaps.