DIY DIamond

jute rug

Diamond pattern rugs are trending but can be expensive for even small sized versions!  I found a way to get the look for much less!

I used an indoor/outdoor area rug and decided to paint the pattern on myself.  I cut a template for the pattern out of cardboard.

I made the template small enough to fit on my rug evenly  by simply cutting it down until it fit.  Next,  I used chalk to trace the pattern onto my rug.

Then I used painters tape to tape over my outline and cover the diamonds that wouldn't get painted.

I spray painted the rest of the rug with an outdoor strength spray paint for extra durability.  Jute soaks up the paint quickly so this took several coats.

After letting it dry overnight, it was time to remove the tape.  As you can see it worked well!

Lastly, I removed my chalk marks with a small scrub brush dipped in water.  

Now I have the look of a trendy area rug in my entry way for a fraction of the cost!

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