How To Customize Sliding Glass Doors

Traditional sliding glass doors lack the charm of older doors such as these above.  However, I have found a way to make sliders a little bit prettier!

Using the last photo as inspiration, I first drew with soap onto my exisitng doors to see what it might look like with custom grids installed.

Next I took measurements and ordered the grids from My Overlays.  I've used these before & they are so easy to install yourself.

To attach the lightweight grids to the glass, I used double sided white sticky tape to match the white of the grids.

I used a small piece of the tape in each of the corners of the grid.

Here you can see the doors with only one side done.  Major improvement already!  These take all of 10 minutes to install.

If you've priced patio doors lately, you know how crazy expensive they can be!  This is a much more affordable option if you're looking for a change.

They add character & interest to the whole room now.  These were custom designed for me, so if you have an idea contact the company, and they can work with you!