Christmas Tree

Filler Ideas


Pinecone Picks

Anything you can glue to a stick can become a tree pick!  Here we used pinecones.  You can use them on the tree and in winter garden planters!


Popcorn & Cranberries

In the early days, people often used food to decorate their Christmas trees.  Such as popcorn, cranberries and dried fruits.


Dried Hydrangeas

Dried flowers are an affordable way to fill in the gaps in your trees branches.  Hydrangeas and roses are both great options.

Image via: Miss Mustard Seed


Use A Scarf

You can also use a scarf, such as this plaid one, to weave between the branches on your tree.

Image via: The Heathered Nest



Tinsel is an old fashioned decoration that has become popular again.  Use a little or a lot to fill in your tree.

Image via: French Country Cottage



You can easily make your own gingerbread ornaments to decorate your tree.  String them together for a gingerbread garland.

Image via: The Frugal Homemaker


Magnolia Leaves

Here we used a faux garland of magnolia leaves to fill in our tree with a natural element!  You can also see the pinecone picks again on this tree.