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Amazon home finds

Picture Hooks

Want to know the easiest way to hang pictures EVER?  These hooks are it!  No other tools required, super easy to put in the wall and only makes a tiny hole!

Laundry Bags

Tired of your delicates and bathing suits get twisted or ruined in the wash?  These mesh laundry bags solve that problem and can be used in the washer or dryer!

Clothes Organizer

Keep your underwear super organized with these drawer organizers. I also use them for tank tops and t-shirts (rolled up)!

Tool Kit

Never search for the right screwdriver or tool again!  This small kit contains everything you need for everyday tasks and keeps it organized!

Furniture Protectors

Save your furniture and your sanity from cat claws with these brilliant furniture protectors!

Carpet Cleaner

Speaking of pets, this carpet cleaner is the best for spot cleaning area rugs and carpeting from stains!

Furniture Sliders

Save your back when moving heavy furniture with these furniture sliders!  They are available for both hardwood floors and carpeting!

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