Succulent Container Garden

DIY Hanging Succulent Container Garden


I’ve been working on a succulent container garden that I’d thought I’d share today. My mother-in-law planted succulents in her bird bath last Summer (I shared a photo of that on Instagram last year if you’re interested)  and I was surprised when I went over there this spring and they were blooming. I didn’t know that you could leave them out all winter and they would come back again the next year.

I don’t have a bird bath, but while I was searching for something in my shed one day, I found this copper grill basket. I had bought it for my husband years ago and he never used it. I love the copper color of it, so I decided to use this as my succulent garden container.

Materials needed to make a container Succulent garden*:

Copper Grill Basket

Rocks (large and small)

Potting Soil

Sedum (similar)


Spool of Craft Suede (for hanging)

Copper Planter


To keep the dirt from falling through the large holes, I lined the basket with rocks. I used large ones on the bottom and smaller ones to fill in the gaps.

How to make a hanging container garden


Next I added dirt followed by a few of my taller succulent plants.

succulents in container gardens


Then I added the shorter type succulents. Lastly I filled in all in with  Sedum, which is another variety of succulents. I picked up a flat of assorted Sedum at the Home Depot for under $10.

Assorted Succulents Sedum


It filled in the rest of the planter nicely. I have quite a bit of the Sedum leftover that I’ll use to fill out some of my other planters.

How to grow succulents in containers


I took this project one step further by making it into a hanging planter. I used some suede craft string I happened to have on hand for the hangers. I’m doubtful this will stand up to the elements for too long so it’s temporary until I find something else to use.

Succulents in hanging containers


To make it hang evenly,  I cut two long pieces of the leather. I tied each end of the first piece to one of the handles, and did the same with the second piece on the other handle.

Succulent container garden


It’s been a few weeks since I planted this and it’s still holding up fine. I have moved this succulent container garden around the yard from full sun areas to full shade and it seems to do well in either. My mother- in-law’s succulent garden is in full sun and doing well. These are very tolerant little plants.

I have to add a quick shout out to my mother today – Happy Birthday Mom! And to my husband – Happy Anniversary!


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  1. What a great idea! I love the grill basket in place of a pot! I loved it even more when you hung it up! Great idea!

  2. what did you hang this beautiful succulents on???

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