Splurge Vs Save Home Decor #2

You guys gave me a lot of positive feedback on the Splurge Vs Save home decor post I shared last month, and a few of you asked for another. You know I’m always looking for ways to beat the high cost of decorating so I am only too happy to give you more examples.

Considering design trends change every few years or so, you don’t want to invest a bunch of money on decor that may look outdated in just a few years. Whether your thrifty by choice or by necessity, it does pay to shop around as you will see.

Cane style furniture is in right now in a big way. Though I don’t think that cane will ever really be out of style, you never know. The less expensive chair on the left is $288 and the more expensive on the right is $499



Kilim had it’s moment a few years ago, but I think that when done right it’s a staple with staying power. The pink kilim rug on the left goes for $269 for an 8 x 10 size, the same sized rug on the right sells for $1,198!




Both of these pillows are pretty and full of texture but one will set you back further than the other. The pretty blue pillow on the left is $30 and the one on the right is $128. The one on the right is about 6″ larger though. These would look great paired together.



These two coffee tables are very similar in size, sans an inch or two. The coffee table on the left is $319 on sale (regularly $399) and the table on the right is $899. I also saw this similar table in pine that costs somewhere in between these two. That one is really a stunner!

trestle coffee table splurge vs save



Linen curtains are so beautiful but they can really get expensive! The curtain panel on the left is on sale for $111 (normally $149) for a 50 X 96 size and the curtain panel on the right is $69 for the same size.



It’s no secret that I love slipcovered furniture. It’s washable, makes a great neutral base, as well as being comfortable without looking sloppy. Both of these sofas are from reputable retailers. The slipcovered sofa on left is $1,599 and the sofa on the right is $999. In this case, I’d pick the one on the left because the rolled arms make it look much more comfortable. I have almost the same sofa from this company in my family room and I’ve been happy with it for years.

slipcovered-sofas splurge vs save


There are a few slight differences in the next comparison. The table on the right is a bit chunkier, and the one on the left appears to only come in white. They are the same size (48″ D), the same style and you won’t believe the price difference on these two. The one on the left sells for $518 and the one on the right is $1395!

pedestal dining tables

While shopping around for floor mirrors for my daughter’s room I noticed these two. You should note that the more expensive floor mirror on the left is a full 16″ inches taller than the one on the right. It has a beautiful inlay wood trim but will set you back $1,598 while the similar style mirror on the right is on sale for $225 (regularly $299).



For most people, we aren’t working with unlimited budgets for our homes. I find it helps to know when to splurge vs save. For me, when it comes to anything upholstered such as sofas and end chairs, those are the pieces I’ll splurge on if I can. As I’ve said many times before, we often keep our sofas longer than we keep our cars so make sure you love it!



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